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  • 27 June 2016
    Disc Harrow

    Hello, I have a small disc harrow for the vineyard and I would like to know whether I should change the disc and if so, which ones I should replace them with. How do I know when they must be changed? And how can I find out what the original diameter is that I need?

  • 8 January 2014
    Types of fertilizer, differences between single-disc and double-disc fertilizers

    I am going to buy a new fertilizer drill and I have doubts between buying a simple disc model, like the one I have, or one of double disc.

  • 1 September 2014
    Seed drills for cereals such as wheat or barley and for maize and soya

    There are at least 4 configurations for disk seeders. 1.- One disk '/'. 2.- Two equal diameter paired disks configured in a parallel "V”. 3.- Two equal diameter paired disks, but one approximately half an inch behind the other 'Y'.

  • 13 December 2012
    Differences between disc seed drills for cereals

    Boot or point seeders are practically unused in many places where only disk seeders are being used, but they are used in other places.

  • 27 February 2014
    Agricultural equipment that can substitute mouldboard ploughing

    Dear Sirs, I would like to ask you the best option for complementing/replacing the use of the mouldboard plough as primary tillage in the following conditions: