Longer lasting 1512 & 1513

Which guarantees the working width and the angle of attack

Bellota has redesigned the new cultivators 1512 and 1513 so that they last longer. Firstly, the sweeps have been reshaped so that the working width is maintained as they wear away with use. The wing of the cultivator, which is more than 40 mm, guarantees that the piece will always have the same working width for homogenous tilling in the fields.

The two sides reinforced, with a point more than 20 mm thick and 85 mm long, not only guarantees that the piece lasts longer, but also that the angle of attack is maintained so that the point of the cultivator can always penetrate the soil properly, thus minimum effort is required to till the land.

There are two models 1512 (47º) angle of attack and 1513 (35,5º) angle of attack. Both cultivators have a working width of 270 mm and they are painted in black epoxy.

1512-A CN6,5150027019545112123601199AM12
1512-A C2N7200027019545112123601199AM12
1512-A C2N CG72000270195451125001199AM12
1512-A7 C2N CG71580178195451125001199AM12
1512-A9 C2N CG71800229195451125001199AM12
F Articles manufactured upon order

1512 A CN

1512 A CN

1512 A C2N

1512 A C2N

Fits in double coil tineFits in tine Chisel  1513 CN
1513- A CN6180027021045100123601199AM12
1513-A CN 6 AP2 DURATOP6170027021045100123601199AM12
1513- A CN 8 mm8215027021045100123601199AM12
1513-A CN 8 CG82150270210451005001199AM12
1513-A C2N7200027021045100123601199AM12
1513-A C2N CG72000270210451005001199AM12
F Articles manufactured upon order

AP2 DURATOP: High resistance to wear Hardfacing material.


1513 A CN

1513 A C2N

1513 A C2N

Fits in double coil tineFits in tine ChiselFits in Vibro-Bellota tine

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