5 March 2015

SIMA 2015 show Paris

News in SIMA 2015 show of agricultural implements

Regarding tractors, besides the usual presence of the most established brands in the market, has drawn attention Kubota strategy, which will begin manufacturing tractors in France in spring, performing a range extending mading farm machinery (disc harrow, planters, cultivator) under the same brand. Have also seen Korean and Chinese manufacturers of tractors, although the chinese does not have a range, well adapted to the French market.

Regarding agricultural machinery, all important brands have presented news, always thinking on the farmer, looking for more versatility on machines and less weight to reduce the tensile stress and therefore consumption. Regarding planters, manufacturers continue seeking speed optimization of the work, presenting models that were focused in this direction, even for direct sowing.

Another trend that expands into different manufacturers are rapidly changing solutions without bolts, especially for cultivators; and expanding range of spares, inserting more complex life with tungsten carbide and similar solutions.

Lastly name the robot ANATIS presented by CARRE, a robotic camera motorized plough for correct decision making crop needs and disposal of grass between rows.


Bellota Agrisolutions, once again, introduced several innovations as inPHInium, a disc that with the same weight gets higher life through increased hardness, but with the toughness needed to prevent breakage in the field. Other innovations that gets attention were, the widely disc with tangential waves to direct seeding and the wide range of tungsten carbide parts.